Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Channel Guy Trader: Channel System gave buy signal on USO

Hi everybody, just checking back in with you all to show you guys how are channel system is giving us a buy signal on the USO. Bounced right off our channels perfectly and gave us sell signals perfectly to show us that we could expect weakness. I believe now is a good time to go long some calls on the USO for a trade or you can buy the UCO for a trade. We got the same type of bounce on our channels on the GLD and GDX. System is amazing and once I get my routine in line with my new job, gym,and school I will start getting more involved again with the options strikes and stocks to buy ect.. Until then I will try to post relevant information on a daily basis. I have been real busy with this new gig, but its pretty cool. We have about 3 plus bloomberg terminals and we have an actual trade floor. Pretty cool stuff!!

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Channel Guy Trader: New job and interesting things going forward !!

Hi everybody, well I have some good news and I have some bad news. The good news is I just picked up a job at Franklin Templeton Investments as a Corporate Actions Analyst. This is going to be very interesting for this position is going to keep me in the news as I will be providing news hitting the wires to top portfolio managers and others involved in making key investment decisions. The bad news is that I will not be day trading anymore for my hands are going to be much occupied with school, work, and everything else I have going on. However, I will still be doing my videos but they are going to be different from before in the sense that I will not be focusing on intraday trading as much. The new videos will be focused more on swing trading and option trading. I use to trade options before when I was younger and I was quite successful, except for the fact that my disciplined suck. I would be in the money over $500 plus overnight, but just could not hit the sell button for I thought it was going to the moon and I was going to be a millionaire overnight. Now that I am much more disciplined now I cannot wait to start throwing options trades back on in my Scottrade account. For you guys at home that do not have the luxury to sit in front of you CPU all day and daytrade this is going to be something good for you. From now on, my videos will focus on catching stocks that are not really in play, but in a sector that is about to get hot money flowing into it. As you guys know, based off my channel system I am pretty good at finding sector rotation (Go back and watch some videos, do your research on me =]). So this is going to be pretty interesting as we will now be focusing on swings and option trades that can gain us over 50% in about a month’s time. Yea sometimes you may get 50% overnight in an option, but at the same time it can go the opposite way. So are new approach is going to be more conservative of course and tailored towards risk management. In my opinion day trading is much better than swing trading because you can manage your risk better, but at the same time swing trading has its luxuries. For those of you guys that swing trade, I am sure you know what those are. So I look forward to working at this new job and meeting people that are in the corporate industry of financial investments and providing you guys with new interesting videos. This is going to be something new for me as far as the job goes, so I am looking forward to the challenge. So be on the lookout for some cool videos and a different approach from me for how I will be analyzing stocks and options. The channel system works great on heavily traded options as well so this is going to be interesting. The channel system is merely like a forecasting system, but then put that along with market sentiment and the skills I have developed in recognizing patterns within these channels and we shall have ourselves some interesting returns. I look forward to these new changes and will keep you guys posted.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Channel Guy Trader: Stock Market analysis for ending day 01/11/2011

Sears (SHLD)

is +6.4% premarket after estimating Q4 adjusted EPS of $3.39-4.12 vs. consensus of $3.12. In less rosy news, same-store sales were down 1.1%.

This stock is a buy holding over $76. I'm sure there were people out there that wanted to buy like myself so they gapped it up and heavy volume going into yesterdays close could have giving you that clue. In any case, I am looking for continuation.