Saturday, February 27, 2010

Channel Guy Trader: Weekend Charts

Hello Traders, hope you guys are enjoying this great weekend. I am going to post some charts up through out the weekend on the SPY and then I will post a couple of trade idea charts. So be sure to come and check the blog by Sunday night going into Monday to see what we have in store. Also the morning chart updates on the /ES using our proprietary channels continues to guide us to future profits. Are you an overnight trader interested in trading S&P Futures overnight using our profitable channels. Contact me for more details!!

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Channel Guy Trader: Stock Market Technical Analysis For 02/26/2010

Leave a comment below if you like the analysis or have any questions. I also forgot to mention that the blue channel line that you see as 1100 area should hold also. If it does it signals a positive day higher or at least a range bound day. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Channel Guy Trader: Stock Market Technical Analysis For 02/25/2010

Head and shoulders on the S&P Futures chart looking like it may play out for a breakdown tomorrow or on Friday. Will keep you guys updated and post the chart in the a.m tomorrow before my $$ Money $$ journey to the lovely office in West Palm Beach. If you are not making money in this tough market guys contact Channel Guy Trader. We want to get you back on track!!

Channel Guy Trader: Stock Market Technical Analysis For 02/24/2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

Channel Guy Trader: Stock Market Video 02/22/2010

Channel Guy Trader:Stock Market Technical Analysis

Also wanted you guys to read on the Law of Success by Napaloean Hill. It is very motivational and I am still watching the videos on YouTube. Will get the book in the near future. Enjoy and I will have more analysis at lunch time.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Channel Guy Trader: Morning Outlook and Ranges

Hello Traders, this morning we are looking at a flat open on the S&P as we are awaiting a lot of economic news this a.m. As far as levels go on the S&P futures, we have to watch the 1098.25 level. That is the top of the big long sell off bar we have on the right side of the chart. Notice how we have risen to it on low volume and now we are stalling out a bit. However, remember that we are above the 50% line of the channel and that means we could go to the top of the channel, but at the same time it's options X so a lot of crazy shit is going on. Now on the left chart we have are ranges to watch for the day with the possible high being around the 1110.87 level on the /ES and the possible low being around 1086.12. One last note to remember, the right chart is a 3 day bar and the left is 2 hours so those give you some real good levels. Yellow line on right side marks the beggining of March and thats just to show that in fact it does look possible that they can goose this rally up more and go into March. Also we are above the 50MA and 20MA on the 2 hour chart. A break through the 20MA would bold well for us hitting the lower range of the day. ENJOY!!!

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Channel Guy Trader: Choppy nowhere markets

Hello traders, I hope everybody is doing well. I have not been posting on the blog lately because the markets have just been crap and if you are an active trader you know that. In any case, below I have posted some channels based on the 2 hour candle /ES chart and the 3 day candle /ES chart. As you can see below we are starting off fresh with a new 3day candle that started with today's session. We have over head resistance at that 1088- 1090 area. We break through that and confirm we could be looking for a sharp rally up to the top of that channel around 1125. That will syke a whole bunch of the bears out, be something nobody expected, and catch everybody on there toes. So I am telling you hear first be careful because too many people are leaning to the bear side and most likely that mean the opposite will happen. The yellow line on the right is March and this chart shows us we can definitely run up in march to a higher low, double top, or yep you guessed it a breakout higher. Markets being manipulated by the dollar so what do you expect!! Blahh

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Channel Guy Trader: Stock Market Technical Analysis For 02/09/2010

On the left we have the 2 hour candlestick chart for the /ES and on the right we have the 3 day candlestick for the /ES. As you can see we are still inside the bottom channel on the right chart. It is not until we break that trend line that we will see total mayhem and dumping off stock in the market. Until then lets remain neutral as we are oversold on support, but with the sentiment still bearish in the markets in my view.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Channel Guy Trader: CSIQ Entrée With Some Short Sauce On The Side Please!!


CSIQ 60 Min

Channel Guy Trader: Stock Market Technical Analysis For 02/04/2010

Good Morning Traders, here is the range and levels you want to watch on the /ES, which you can use to coincide with the S&P 500 levels. Remember this is a 2 hour chart so it has less noise and is much better.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Channel Guy Trader: Stock Market Technical Analysis For 02/02/10

/ES 2 hour candlestick chart

This is how the futures are lining up so far. As you can see we have room to move to the upside as we remain above all the moving averages and now the fast line is starting to cross over the slower MA's. The dashed yellow line is 9 am.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Channel Guy Trader: Got Caught With My Pants Down On Health Care Stocks Today

Well Well Well, I don't know what the hell happened today with the market that caused my health care stocks that I was short to get a crazy bounce and shake me out of my position. I had booked partial profits on my original short position by selling half ( CI and HNT) and then didn't put a stop on my second half on either positions. Something in the budget regarding health care must have sparked a crappy bounce in these stocks and messed up my a.m PnL. Now I know to make sure that I put a stop on my last half of stock every time no matter how confident I am sure a stock can go down. Also I need to make sure I do not try to manage to many positions at one time as this was the case and my eyes were everywhere. Besides that the day was not that bad, but pretty crappy because I had fought my way back from a deep negative to a decent positive and then back to a regular negative. In general terms today's market action was a waste of my time as I missed the easy anybody can do it trade( gold ) and focused on others. The analysis I gave you guys this morning regarding the range was on point and I will post tomorrows one up in the a.m again. Forecast shows for another possible crappy day up!!

Channel Guy Trader: Stock Market Technical Analysis For 02/01/10

Market Forecast calls for a slight shower day( possible crappy range bound day ) with a chance for thunderstorms( possible sell off ). Range possibility is between 1085-1060.

Channel Guy Trader: Channel on point? CHECKKK

Hello traders, as overnight trading continues I wanted to show you guys our proprietary channels and a view of a small range to have in mind. This chart above( 2 hour candles) is the current overnight action going on with the S&P futures right now. As you can see we are trading in a triangle that is respecting are channel lines to the tee. Just so happens that the apex of the triangle is lined up with the same time the news comes out in the a.m. Damn this market is so symmetrical!! Well the channels are on point folks so don't forget to follow us on twitter and subscribe to our YouTube videos. We will go over this again sometime tomorrow. We are going to open up a futures trading section on the website also. As are next goal is to step into the futures market in all areas.