Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Morning Game Plan Prep Sheet

I have uploaded the Morning Game Plan Prep Sheet for traders to download. This sheet comes in handy when trying to organize and gather your thoughts for the trading day. Feel free to click the link to load to open and download via Google Docs. #ChannelGuyTrader

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Show me the Channels to Profits!

Time is almost near where I can start putting my Proprietary Channel System back into use with some equities intraday all day.. In the mean time, check out how my Proprietary Channel System coined by A.K.A- Channel Guy Trader has been helping manage the risk and look for high probability ideas. We are working on the structure of the newsletter outline, and will be giving out killer trades (intraday and swings) at ActionableTrades on Facebook. Be sure to give Actionable Trades and Channel Guy Trader a follow on the Facebook pages!

Bull Flags on Flags on Flags, on Channels yeah! Below is the 60 Min S&P 500 Futures Chart

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Is Crude Oil Ready To Push Higher?

Crude oil has fallen from a swing high of $112.24 from August 2013 to a short term bottom low of $26.05 that we made this February of 2016. Since then we have bounced 75% off of this years low. As you can see on the weekly chart ( Middle Chart), the $45 level has been a key inflection point for the past 17 months. Stabilizing above $45 will bring more interest from buyers who are looking for the move to the last lower pivot high of $50.92 that was made in October of 2015. Short sellers will probably start to get squeezed if the commodity starts creeping higher. If you look on the daily chart (Left Chart), you can see that we have an established upward channel and we recently just broke out today above the mini bull flag inside of that channel. If upward momentum continues, we should be looking for a move towards the $49-50 area. That means we have about 8% more to the upside before we run into the next key area of resistance. What does that mean? Well that means there may be some opportunities for us to dabble in some of the individual energy names, or of course if you are looking to play the move, you can look into an oil ETF. Take a look at the charts below and compare them with your analysis. Also one thing to note, we are coming up on some resistance from the monthly time frame at this $47 level, but the faster time frames are showing us we have the potential to break above that level. #ChannelGuyTrader I will show you a one or two charts of some POTENTIAL opportunities I see in some individual names.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Gold Setting Up For A Push Higher

Traders we have a nice touch and go pattern on the /GC that is going to trigger some longs over 1113.10. Be on the lookout for GLD and some strong gold miners to move up. #Gold #Stocks

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Thoughts After Today's Big Selloff and Bounce...... SPY and ES *CHARTS*

Below I have attached two charts. One with the S&P 500 Futures (ES) Daily on my channel system and then the other of the SPY Daily, Weekly and Monthly. One thing that should stick out to you when you look at the daily charts are the channels. Of course they SPY will have a very close mirror image of the /ES except for the overnight activity, but that is besides the point.

So you can see here on both of the daily charts we have downward bullish channels ( even though the bull theme on the downward channels could fail if the bottom of the channel is broken) . The bottom of the downward channel was tested during the morning session and once the low was in for the day we traded sideways and then buyers came back into the close.

If you had no idea of how to read charts or any technical analysis you would have maybe felt confident about a rollover into the close, however if you knew technical analysis and knew that we were sitting right at the bottom of the channel support, you would have been more inclined to potentially expect a rally into the afternoon.

At this point you would have wanted to look at names that were acting strong, such as CHK and SWN. Those were two natural gas stocks that were showing great relative strength and actually had a decent chart going in to today's session. Hell, if the market didn't sell off these probably would have gaped up and ran even more. LULU was also another name that looked good techincally and got help from an upgrade this morning to a "buy" from a "hold" at Jefferies.

After a big down day that didn't get any follow through into the close, you have to expect a tug of war day tomorrow. Bears really can't have any conviction I would think since we didn't sell off into the close and since we bounced off of channel support. Bulls really can't have any conviction yet either, since a lot of charts were damaged on the background.

If we were to take out today's lows, then I'm sure the bears will try to attack. If we were to take out today's highs and work through the gap down, then I'm sure some of the names that showed relative strength will continue higher. Keep an eye on SPY 198 and SPY 202 on the topside.

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Excel Data Queries to View Trends on the SPY, QQQ and IWM

Working in excel and I created a data query that pulls historical prices from yahoo finance and places it into excel. I then have it set up where the % Change column is conditionally formatted to fill with a certain color based on % Change. This would allow you to spot out trends and maybe even correlations between the Index ETF's. I also created a chart that offers a better visual and the chance to see if there are any correlations. The % Change updates with conditional updates via click of button. I see how algos can be built in excel pulling data and giving signals.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

BABA Setting up for a Techincal Breakout!

BABA Setting up real nice for a breakout if the markets do in fact decide to breakout. Keep an eye on this baby over $86 on volume. Nice head and shoulders pattern in play also.

#Refer to the notes on the chart 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Channel Analysis that Prepared me for Today's Selling Pressure!

POSTED LAST NIGHT------------Then look below for updated charts..

Refer to charts posted last night and what I said....


POSTED LAST NIGHT ( Early Morning 5am after my other hustle)

Failed W pattern in the channel system. Buyers failed to buy retest on top and now we have some selling pressure. Bears SHOULD be able to take control if we still have weakness when the market opens up. The ideal index to short would be the Russell 2k since it has been the weakest, along with the Dow Jones. The next candidate for the short would be the S&P 500 and then the Nasdaq. Even though the Nasdaq has been the strongest index, you can also think of it as the index that everyone is hiding in, which means it could be the one that dumps the fastest since fear will start kicking in. Just some analysis, I'll be ready in about 5 hours and things can change by then if we continue to sell overnight and reach very oversold conditions. Keep a clear mind. Be back in a few hours!



Channel System on the /ES Today that Netted me $487 in first 40 Min